How We Became MannKind

Our Old Memories will put you in tears Just as it does us...

Wrote By Royal Rodriguez Jr, Ken Rills, Pat Joffreon, & Terry Lilly on April 27,2004 @ 10:08 PM..

About a Year ago. "Pat, Terry, & Jason" were playing music kinda just playing Music every now and then. Then "Royal" was introduced to them. "Jason" already knew "Royal" for many years , and knowing he played Guitar but never had the chance to get together. Till one day "Royal" came over with a cousin "Moe Banta". "Royal" got to meet "Pat, & Terry". They Played together and found out that "Pat, Terry, & Jason" Loved "Royal" style of playing Guitar. "Royal" style of playing was unique, & never heard of before with his style of playing. So They Formed the band "MannKind", And Practiced for almost a year. Then it started to seem like something was missing. We all decided that another Guitar players was needed to give Our music a Full range of sound. So "Royal" went up to his Cuz that he us to play music with & ask "Ken" If he would like to join the band. "Ken" "said~ yes he would love to join". So "Royal" went to the rest of the band and told them he knew a guitar player that was interested of joining the band, and that "Royal" already been playing with him for years. And been writing music with him for years also. "Royal" also told them that He is His Cuzin to as well. So "Pat , Jason, Terry" told Royal to bring him and lets give him a tryout. "Royal said ok". So "Royal" went to "Ken" and told him they "said ok for his tryout". So the next pratice "Royal brought Ken with him". "Ken sat there and listen in for a few songs". Then came the time for "Ken" to Show his stuff. Didn't take long of His playing "Guitar" to impress them. And there for "Ken's" Awesome sounds were added to the "The Band". And there for "MannKind" was fully formed, & and ready to grow together. And to over turn any obstical that came before them. And Ever since the band has only been growing and writing songs like Mad. And there future looks bright. And there Fanbase has really taken off to as well.

After that We strive on writing Our Own music. yes there are a few old covers We do. But We only try to each pick a cover that has inpressed us the most. And the cover has to be over 15 years old or older. In the future We plan on having more of a song selection then what We have now. We curently have around 7 more songs We undergoing work to as of now. And will be out soon to as well...


Old Memories

Here are a few of our Old Memories.

Ok Who Hit The Sour Note?? Cause Ya Got Me About To Throw Up!!!

Ok Guys Lets All Bow Our Heads & Pray We Make It Through This Song...