Music, Producer & CD Ordering Info

Here are a list of Our song. It's A medium Rock with a lil grove to it. And all Our songs are Copyrighted "MannKind" April 18,2004 By "Bayou Beach Productions " ~ " Live and Mobil 16 Track Digital Recording " ~ By "Producer Chad Alexander" ...!!!!

You can listen to Our songs through Windows Medea Player. Our Songs Are Not For Downloading. If You would like a CD. Join Our mailing group. For Info on joining Our Mailing Group, Please contact Us through Our Fan's GuestBook. Thank You...

We Are Proud To Say, That Our Music Is Now Publicly Being Heard & Reviewed. The main thing is that We are finaly being Heard, and Loved. To se the site where we have Our Songs posted up for Reviewing. CLICK ON the picture line to se our songs posted up are go to & serch up for MannKind.

Our First Live Demo CD " No License Required "

All Music Was Recorded Live & Copyrighted By " Bayou Beach Production April 18,2004 "

If You like to get Boyou Beach Productions To come out and record You. Please Email them at Producer ~ Or Call Phone: (225)-667-0030 Or Cell: (225)-776-2462 for pricing info and detals. Thank You.....